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CCC Legacy "Cowtown" Chapter 123



CCC Legacy Chapter 123 Newsletter Feb 2018

Posted by RUAVET on 11 June, 2018 at 18:00




3412 Pleasant Run Road,

Irving, Texas, 75062

10 FEBRUARY, 2018


Chartered: Nov. 1, 1985. Past Presidents: *Nelson Oats, *Harold Ballard, *W. O. Mullin, *Verle Oringderff, *Harold Trammell, *William Oakley, *Frank Polenta, *S. L. Baker, *George Payne,

*Harry Steinert, & *Al Clement. *deceased.

Current Officers: President-Mike Pixler, phone contact: 817-929-1557, First Vice President-,Tammy Pixler, 806-786-6299, Second Vice President-Troy Jones, 817-293-2638 Secretary/Treasurer- Joe Pixler, 806-786-6299, Sergeant at Arms-Troy Jones, Chaplain-Rev. James Pixler, Kitchen Committee, (Volunteer- Wanda Jones), Historian/Reporter at Large & Newsletter Editor-Bill Stallings, phone contact: 972- 255-7237.

Monthly Meeting is held on the second Saturday of each month from 10:30 AM to 1:00 PM at the North Side Multipurpose Center, 1801 Harrington [North], Fort Worth, TX 76106. If you are using a GPS display, this address is the FRONT of the building; our meeting room is at the BACK, off of Homan St. The door to the meeting room is on the right as you approach from the parking lot, and will have a CCC sign on it. Driving Directions: Interstate Hwy 30 runs east & west, and accesses the downtown Fort Worth area from the south. Exit north on Henderson St. After a couple of miles it crosses a fork of the Trinity River and becomes State Hwy 199 which goes to Lake Worth, and the Fort Worth Nature Center & Refuge. When you reach the traffic light at the intersection of 18th St.

NW, turn right [east] and go up the hill four blocks to Homan St. Turn left [north], and go a block to the Y. Stay right and continue into the Center’s rear parking lot. If coming from Loop 820 North, go East on Hwy 199 and left on 18th St. Our meeting room door with the CCC sign is to the right as you approach the building. Our dues are $10 a person annually, effective from Oct. to Sep. Bring a friend & enjoy fun, fellowship & food. Sign the register for you may win the $10 door prize.




Weather: Temp 42, Cloudy, Attendance 7


Meeting called to order at 11:07 AM by President Pixler.


Invocation offered by, Rev James Pixler.


Pledges to Flags led by Sgt-at-Arms, Troy Jones


President Pixler reminded the members present of the purpose of CCC Legacy is to honor the men of the Civilian Conservation Corps, 1933-1942 by increasing the awareness of their accomplishments to the public and to promote, sustain and increase membership of CCC Legacy Inc and CCC Legacy Chapter 123.


Members present stated they had received the January, 2018 newsletter, and had no corrections to the minutes as published. Motion to approve as printed by Troy Jones, 2nd Bill Stallings,

motion passed.


A printed copy of the financial report was available. Motion to accept, as printed by Troy Jones, 2nd Wes Culwell, motion passed.


Sick call update of the membership, It was asked of Bill Stallings if he had heard from past member, Larka Tetens and her status. He had not. There were no anniversaries noted. There were no members present with a January birthday. 6th-Marga Lyde, 11th-Don Woodard, 13th CCC Boy, Walter Atwood.


Old Business was the discussion on a dues increase for the chapter.


New Business included the proposed budget for 2018 available possibly by the 10 March, 2018 meeting.

A letter of reminder to renew (8ea) were sent to members of CCC Legacy Chapter 123 to renew with CCC Legacy Inc. A discussion followed concerning the ability of fixed income members renewing with CCC Legacy Inc. A motion was made by Mike Pixler, 2nd Bill Stallings for CCC Legacy Chapter 123 to sponsor/renew up to 4 members with CCC Legacy Inc. Record of vote, 6 Yea, 0 Nea, Motion passed. Following the vote, Bill Stallings nominated Jean Gretsko as a candidate, Mike Pixler nominated Troy & Wanda Jones as candidates. All present were in agreement. One (1) candidate remains, to be determined at a later meeting.

Next item presented was the membership dues increase to $15. Votes received via USPS, email, or present at the meeting are as follows Record of vote, members present; 6 Yea, 0 Nae,

Record of vote, USPS/email; 16 Yea, 1 Nae...Total vote 22 Yea, 1 Nae, motion passed.

Effective 1 March, 2018, CCC Legacy Chapter 123 dues shall be $15 per person, annually,

1 October to 30 September. 2

The program included the issues of 1) the Buffalo Boogie, 12 May, 2018 at the FWNC&R. The chapter members present suggested we support this endeavor again this year. Two sites. One at the entrance close to the gate. Site 2 at the refectory overlook, as we had in 2017. The chapter now has a large tent, similar to the one used last year, which needs a replacement tarp for the top and tie downs. More to follow at future meetings. The application, with possible Tee shirt order to follow the 10 March, 2018 meeting.

Issue 2) CCC Legacy Chapter 123 - EVENT 2018. A lengthy discussion followed concerning the possible holding of a special event in 2018. The following is a brief understanding of the decisions made by the members present. YES, CCC Legacy Chapter 123 will have an EVENT-2018. Most likely a 2 day event. Location possibly, to likely, at 2 locations to be visited. Location. 1) Long Horn Caverns State Park & Location 2) the Frontier Fort in Burnet, Texas. Location 1) was developed by CCC Company 854. Location 2) Historical CCC artifacts are at a small CCC/Frontier Fort Museum. An event committee is being formed.

Preliminary work has been accomplished by chapter members. Lodging (2) nights @ possibly hotel/motels in Marble Falls, Texas or Cedar Lakes (Austin West). Many issues are to be worked. Transportation, cost per participant, COST FOR CCC BOYS, general marketing and logistical issues. A Banquet w/ special speaker, location TBD, Saturday night. Preliminary dates are 5 thru 7 October, 2018. Columbus Day is (Monday)8 October...Secondary dates 12 thru 14 October, 2018. The 13th is the scheduled meeting date for CCC Legacy Chapter 123. That meeting will be held on-site, at the fort. There is a special event happening on Saturday, 13 October, 2018 at the Frontier Fort. In past years, a special CCC Boy Reunion was held by CCC Legacy Chapter 123.

This event will be CCC LEGACY CHAPTER 123, CCC Boy Reunion for 2018. More to follow, later. Once the dates are finalized...SAVE THE DATE. Tell your family and friends. Plan to attend. Ideas/assistance from friends, family, and support agencies are welcome.


During the Question/Comments from the membership, we discussed the passing of CCC Boy, NACCCA Executive Director, and CCC Legacy Chapter 123 Life Member, Harry Dallas, passed 24 December, 2017. We also discussed and shared a letter from Pat Mann and CCC Boy,

Jack Vaughn.


Pass the Can was next with Chapter Chaplain-Rev James Pixler winning the $10 door prize and returning it to the chapter.


Wanda Jones prepared for our meal and Reverend James Pixler offered the blessing.




Motion to adjourn by James Pixler, 2nd Troy Jones, all in favor. Meeting adjourned at 12:32 PM.


An enjoyable meal with CCC Legacy Chapter 123 friends and family followed. Next meeting,

10 March, 2018.


Respectfully submitted for,

Joe Pixler, Sec/Tres

CCC Legacy Chapter 123 by,


Mike Pixler, President

CCC Legacy Chapter 123




The following is a poem by CCC Legacy Chapter 123, Poet Laureate, Jack Bragg. From time to time Jack would recite a poem, written by him, about the CCC. Some titled, some not. Enjoy the following verses…...Thanks Jack.


I have looked in the trees

waded water above my knees

Climbed many power poles

Wore out my shoe soles

Do you have a dance Saturday night

I will be there to set things right

As this story goes

The CC boy never shows

He was sent to a forest fire afar

So far you would need a car

The CC boy had not broke any law

Just lonely missing Ma and Pa

A pet possum and a one eyed cat

Sal is the only thought now under his hat.

Jack Bragg


Thanks to Bill Stallings for the recovery of this and the following article. As part of the research in preparation of CCC Legacy Chapter 123 EVENT 2018, it was found NACCCA Chapter 123 had a boy who was a member CCC Company 854 who worked the Longhorn Caverns in Burnet County, Texas. The Boy, Mr J. B. Braziel. This is his story.

















One of the two locations, at this time, for CCC Legacy Chapter 123 Event 2018 includes

Fort Croghan. Another one of the locations is thanks to CCC Company 854, Longhorn Caverns.

Come join us.



Below, J.B.Briziel’s story continues. The font is as large as I know how to make it, sorry.



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